February 24, 2021

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Resiliency Through Faith: Dear Church

Dear ChurchI’ve been reading this book, and I want to invite you to join me...


UPDATE:  We are anticipating a book discussion of "Dear Church" in January.

This week I got to hear and meet the author, the Reverend Lenny Duncan. (Our Metro DC Synod hosted the event at Luther Place downtown.)


Pastor Duncan’s words sting. They are very challenging, important, and pertain specifically to us in the ELCA which, as he points out, is the “whitest denomination in the US”.

He also continues to love this church body, and so he speaks out of a deep care, concern and urgency...like how we might speak to members of our own family when there’s a serious problem.


I’m curious to hear your thoughts, wondering if you’d like to schedule a group conversation after reading it.

I am also in the process of talking to an ecumenical partner and friend, Alexei Laushkin, who works specifically in areas of racial justice and reconciliation among Christians. (I met him at the Vigil here at BLC last year.) Alexei and I have had some good conversations, and I look forward to his visit to Bethlehem in November!


Finally, friends in Christ, thank you for your open arms of welcome. Never forget that you might be the only face of Jesus someone ever sees.


Grace and peace,

Pastor Dan